Useful Links


The Hype About Hydrogen, by Joseph Romm. Island Press, 2004. An excellent, highly readable discussion of hydrogen’s pros and cons, and its role in our energy future.

Fuel Cell Handbook, ed. Gregor Hoogers. CRC, 2003. An excellent technical discussion of fuel cells.

Fuel Cells Explained, by Andrew Dicks and James Larminie. Wiley, 2000. Another, somewhat more technical text.

Web Links: (We do not endorse any particular company. The companies listed below are there because we used their gear.) . Fuel Cells 2000’s database of fuel cell installations. The island of Utsira in Norway has a pilot project which uses wind power to generate hydrogen for use in a fuel cell. Humboldt University has a long-running project similar to ours. . Greg Sachs leads a group at the US Merchant Marine Academy which has a project similar to ours. . Fuel cells . These people brokered our purchases of fuel cells and electrolyzers. They sell a wide range of fuel cell products including the toy car kits. . Remote monitoring gear erchant Marine Academy which built a solar-electrolyzer-fuel cell rig similar to ours. Very interesting. . Inverters, charge controllers . Electrolyzers. .Supplier of Parker fittings for stainless pipe. They claim to have a (pricey) electrolyzer with 5000 psi output and 60% efficiency, which would be an amazing bit of kit.